May.27~Jun.1 2017

GiMer Medical attended 2017 INS World Congress at Edinburgh, a successful event!

This is the first exhibition GiMer attended as participating exhibitor, and we achieved positive results in many aspects. The booth received good traffic and lots of inquiries; clinicians with potential interest to collaborate in future clinical trials, and distributors wish to work with us once product registered. Tina presented GiMer technology at Innovation Day, a pre-conference event that drew investors/regulator/press/major players in the field. We attended various scientific sessions and learned about latest developments/researches in Neuromodulation. Networked with relevant professionals, and strengthened our relationships with potential collaborators. A big thanks to INS who put together this substantial event, and we felt proud to take part in making it great together!
April 2017

2017 INS Congress in Edinburgh 5/26~6/1

GiMer Medical cordially joins 13th INS Pre-conference "Innovation Day" as panelist. Rex and Tina will present our technology and share our progress as one of the 12 start-ups. Related press link
Supplement on the funding info: GiMer is currently funded by Taiwanese investors/companies and actively looking for US partnership/investment to prepare our US entry. We welcome press coverage for more detailed story. Please contact Tina at tina@gimermed.com
February 2017

First-in-human Pilot Study kicks off!

Finally we've gotten final approval from (Taiwanese) IRB committees after months of communications with dozens of document modification exchanged.
We're recruiting patients starting this months in Taiwan.
Stay tuned for the progress report!
January 2017

NANS 2017 in Las Vegas & Large Animal Tissue Safety Experiment

We attended NANS in Las Vegas for the first time. It was a good exposure to the field and lots of great learning and connections!
We met with potential investors and connected with leading doctors in the field. Also good learning from poster sessions on MOA related research and industry updates.
Our US trip is packed and fruitful- practical learning and feedback form our hands-on sheep trial, great info and connections at NANS, meetings with potential future partners, and last but not the least- recruiting leading doctors to be on our scientific review board.
December 2016

National Innovation Award for Enterprise

Second time winner of National Innovation Award. GM Rex attended the ceremony on behalf of company. Two years ago we were awarded for Outstanding Academic Research Spinout; this time for Best Start-up Company. With all the hard work and crucial milestones planned out for 2017, it would not be a surprise if we win it for the third time in a couple of years!
June 2016

The Asian Entrepreneurship Award

GiMer Medical won The Asian Entrepreneurship Award 3rd. Prize.

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Welcome to join our team

Chiu S. Lin, Ph.D. joined the Consultants Broad of Gimer Medical Co,. Ltd.
November 2014

Invited to speak at workshop

CEO invited to speak at 3rd Annual Cross-Strait Pharmaceuticals and R&D Workshop.
August 2014

National Innovation Award

National Innovation Award for Outstanding Academic Research Spinout.