NeuroBlock (NeuroStimulation)

Our Solution

Advantages :

  • No long-term implant efficacy decrease caused by cell growth on electrode
  • No need for continuous use (lowering the possibility of neuronal variability or damage)
  • Implantable on any pain pathway to treat specific pain
  • Innovative high-frequency stimulation treatment
  • High safety power transmission (power tracking technology)
  • Low power consumption (1W)
  • Light weight and battery-free IPG (no more than 25g)
  • Small IPG size (no more than 11c.c.)
    (*The next version can further decrease its size by up to 50% of the present IPG volume)

Long-term efficacy decrease

  • Cause: Fibrous proliferation increase between electrode-tissue interface after long-term use
  • Current treatment: Increased amplitude or use of constant current stimulation
  • Induced problem: more serious injury to already-affected area

Long-term stimulation syndrome

  • Cause: long-term electrical stimulation (multiple times a day) induced tissue injury and habituation in reflex-arc High chances of degeneration of neuronal tissue.
  • Current method: N/A

Stable long-term efficacy:

  • Low influence of capacitive properties of body tissues
  • Ever-effective stimulation, even with the tissue proliferation on the electrode-tissue interface.

Less injury

  • Lower delivery electric current than conventional type

Reduced degeneration of neuronal tissue

  • Efficacy of each treatment lasting for more than 2 days
  • No daily use needed